KissMyAirs space time - Li Yuchun brings you a science fiction virtual experiment, when you buy snea - New Shoes Release 2017
as China's most prominent female singer, Li Yuchun's personal charm swept the music and fashion world, as Air Max spirit, constantly changing. If you want to explore behind the success of Li Yuchun, and director Yuen Hsieh in the #KissMyAirs in the film, try up new space, put their doubts and fears for the future vision, to create a different Nike Air Max world.

wait for opportunities or create opportunities? Even if is as strong as Li Yuchun, not enough personal faith, can not go through this fantastic 12 years. Before setting up fictional stories, the director, Yuen Hsieh, raised a question, "do we need to wait for opportunities or create opportunities?" "The success of Li Yuchun, have faced numerous choices," I think if we just blindly and actively create opportunities, will deviate from their route; it is not necessarily a bad thing, on the occasion of the need to adhere to self dazzle the eyes. Based on this determined value, Yuen Hsieh decided to plan out a breathtaking time and space trip for Li Yuchun.

time collapse

Li Yuchun Air Max OG 1 years ago, has become a successful example of the change of the market, no one can expect, "I always like to embrace the adventure as apprehension and enthusiasm, and put a lot of time in the spirit of creation. "Whether it is the inventor and the shoes, there will always be affected by external factors, Li Yuchun is scheduled to participate in a virtual experiment, sit by the space-time motorcycle team of scientists developed, 15 minutes, 10 years after the world adventure. The director Yuen Hsieh to create a dystopian world, showing the time the failure of the experiment case, underground and disorderly situation, in the confusion of the process, Li Yuchun finally got a glimpse of yourself in 10 years. , we're all
director Yuen Hsieh learned to create a new Air Max 30th anniversary and VaporMax's story, conceived the themes of the time, "I in science fiction movies such as" AKIRA "," back to the future "," Matrix ", the conception of this time. Every day affects the present decision because of the past and the future, but living in the present is the most difficult thing. "We can't change the future, but the time keeps moving forward, like 10 years later."

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